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Breast Reduction Story | 10 Years After

A little unknown fact about me is that I got breast reduction when I was 17 which means it’s been 10 years (I know math!). I asked on my instagram if you guys wanted a blog post about it and now here we are!

I’m going to start off by saying that a lot of people thinks it’s crazy to get that op when you’re 17, but when you’re on your way to be a F cup, with no signs of slowing down, I beg to differ. My main reasons for my op was my health issues. The back pain I was experiencing at that age was excruciating and I was already developing a hump due to the weight of my breasts affecting my posture. Now let’s jump into the nitty gritty details:

Before surgery – I had many consultations with the best surgeon in PR, Dr. Cañizares, where we determined that the operation was necessary. He was incredibly knowledgeable, made me feel cared for and really made a difficult decision a hundred times easier. After a fight with my insurance, who stated I only wanted the surgery due to cosmetic gain, we were ready to proceed.

Fun story is that I had the operation on my 17th birthday!

After surgery – I woke up drowsy and in no pain at all. The recovery for me was amazing. The pain after the drugs wore off was very tolerable and I feel I was able to push through without a lot of work on my part. Be that because of my age (we recover faster when younger) or that my doctor was amazing–all I know is that my recovery stage was great.

I obviously couldn’t lift my arms up for a while so I needed help from my mother…and from strapless dresses. The cleaning of the wounds was tedious and uncomfortable but doable. I’d have to change the butterfly tapes every so often. I only remember disliking the tugging feeling I had when stripping the tape off.

Scarring – I have to admit when I went into it I wasn’t really thinking of the after but when you’re left with an anchor scar (see here), where there was none, you have to deal with it. It was hard to look at at first, gore and all, but now it’s just a part of me. The scar never fully faded and I can definitely see it but I hardly ever think of it. I have zero issues with it.

Confidence – Although I never felt bad about having big bust, getting the surgery did improve my confidence somewhat. I still had to deal with body images since I got the surgery so young.

10 years later – Let me start by saying that I’m so happy I got the surgery. If I have any regret it’s that I would’ve gone a smaller. When I got the surgery I was almost a F cup and after I was a full B. Within a year they went up to C but they haven’t grown since.

Lasting effects, for me, are the loss of feeling in certain areas–although it comes and goes. To me, all that matters is that my back is doing way better…I still have issues with it that will never go away but it hasn’t gotten worse.

If you’re in a similar position and have been considering getting the surgery then I definitely say that it’s worth a consultation.