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2 Years in Florida


It’s time for a little life reflection. We’ve just turned 2 in Florida. It’s bitter sweet because it’s been two years since we left our family behind, but it’s been two years where our life goals have been starting to align and manifest. I’m grateful for the success, and sad for the lack of family close.

It’s all good, though. When you look back and see all of your accomplishments start to pay off in different ways. It’s all of your sacrifices just paying off. It’s always good to look back and reflect on all of this so your appreciation for it never goes away. There’s so many ways to be grateful and still enjoy your newfound success. Make it mean something.

Travel – We’re concentrating on treating ourselves with travel experiences that teach your something. Japan was our start, but there’s more to learn.

Be kind – Wherever I go I try to be kind to everyone. You never know who needs it.

Love – As cheesy as it sounds I remind myself to love. Love life, my family and anything I enjoy doing. It’s not a crime to enjoy loving what you’re doing.

This is seriously a very important teaching moment for me. I always said that my blog was supposed to mean something and a space to help and communicate with others. This was a learning curve for me and I want to share it for those who are in it right now.

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