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King State

Always on the look out for new coffee shops it didn’t take long for King State to appear on my map. Decor that is right up my alley, chill vibes, wine + beer and coffee. It would have been a crime not to check it out.

We went for a late breakfast on a Sunday morning (I refuse to call it brunch), around 11am, and it was packed but we were able to get parking. Try to score a table if you can while someone stands in line and places the order. This is what we did and it was the right choice as people kept coming in.

I decided to go with a Reuben sandwich with potato salad, latte and mimosas. What a combo, right? Regardless, it was a nice wait which I took advantage of by just looking around. The staff was super nice, the decor was the right amount of retro and laid back. Very Californian.

Once the food arrived it was actually so good that you shut up and concentrate on it. I really recommend the sandwich I got – it was the right amount of meat without making you feel heavy. The mimosa was ok – it was a last minute purchase on my part, but it’s nothing out of this world. The coffee was light and perfect with my food.

This is a place I can see myself coming to with my SO or a small group of friends on a weekend morning. It really promotes conversations and creativity. If this is your type of weekend hangout then I definitely recommend you check it out.