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Skincare Tools That Are Worth Having

Any skincare freaks up in here? I definitely am!

Seeing that I’m constantly lurking online looking for new tools to use and even got some for Christmas I thought it was only fair to share which tools I feel are worth having. Now, the world is full of skincare tools for every single part of the face and body but after a point it can get expensive and some are more of a gimmick that the real deal. All these products are tried and tested and budget friendly, plus they actually serve their purpose.

Jade Face Roller – Apart from feeling good, I’ve used to face roller to loosen up tensed face muscles and to alleviate headaches. Some say they help sculpt and shape your face but I’m not really a believer of this. However, I do feel it helps with inflammation. I personally also pair this face roller with a face oil. It helps the oil absorb faster and smoother.

Ice Roller – This one serves the same purpose of the Jade face roller but being an ice roller it really, really helps with inflammation, puffiness and headaches. This one saves me and my lock jaw. I personally grind my jaw so much and tend to wake up with a sore jaw. This ice roller feels amazing on the muscles as well as under the eyes. It’s just a luxurious feeling!

Face Sheet Masks – They come in all shapes and sizes with different purposes. I personally prefer sheet masks that target moisture, collagen and purifying. These help my skin get calm and in a way my mind as well. These aren’t every day products but they’re perfect for a special treat-your-self night.