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Writing With Purpose

I rarely talk about my day job on my blog. When I moved to Tampa, I was able to find a gig as a Lead Designer for a software company – which meant I sadly wasn’t working on very creative projects. This led me to opening my own blog where I could use it as a creative outlet. I’ve always loved design, fashion, photography and written content. I was always inspired by the art of storytelling.

I never wanted to write about my 9 to 5 job because there wasn’t a lot of room for creative process. But 2 months ago I decided to leave my old job in the pursuit of a new step up in my career. Because of this I was able to find a job as a Creative Director, in charge of the visual language aspect of a luxury brand, and in the process rekindle my love of design.

It’s been hard at times but fun in a very challenging way. Which bring me to some of the things I’ve learned and how I will apply it to my blog content in the future:

Take that step – If you have the ability to take yourself out of a crappy situation (in my case it was that I’d hit a career plateau) and you have the ability to leave in pursuit of the unknown, do it. It’s hard and scary, not to mention extremely frustrating, but it’s been paying itself slowly but surely. If you take the right steps it can really work for you.

Don’t be scared of the unknown – I’m new to the world of managing others and making final decisions. I’ve had to do it before but it was never a requirement. I’ve learned to take charge and feel confident in my decisions, while learning from the wrong ones. Learn and apply.

Communicate – I’ve been in past toxic work environments and I’ve made the mistake of staying quiet. In this new role, the team doesn’t move forward if I don’t communicate things that hold us up, backing them up and setting boundaries. This helps me make sure that I’m not setting ourselves up for failure.

Rekindle your love – With this new opportunity I’m being able to be creative 24/7 instead of only when I had time to dedicate to my blog. By having the space to create more it’s charging me even more to be able to apply in my whole life. I suddenly want to write about career moves, my work and designs and experiences from my new role.

To close this up, you’ll be seeing more behind the scenes of what I do and how it’s affected me (positive & negative). In return you will hopefully be getting more content written with a purpose. By being energized by so many angles of my life, I’m able to pour it out in a consumable content format, hopefully helping others who have a similar interest.

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