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24 Hours in NYC

This week I found myself spending a full 24 hours in NYC for work. It was an incredible experience both personally and career wise. Of course, I took notes and pictures in order to share with you all my experience in hopes it may give some of you some ideas if you’re in NYC.

I’ve never done NYC justice, but this trip showed me a glimpse of the possibilities and I can definitely see why no one would ever get bored there… still can’t see myself living there!

I stayed at the Hilton Hotel in the Fashion District, just a block away from FIT. There I spent my two mornings doing a run for coffee just around the corner to Seven Grams.

Seven Grams – It’s a small coffee shop that is chic and accessible. The coffee was pretty good and they have a selection of pastries. For me it was incredibly convenient since it was a 3 minute walk to get my morning coffee fix.

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Next I spent a full work day working from Neue House. This is a coworking space heaven. It’s a must for creatives looking for a place to work and get inspired at the same time. I swear I could work here every day, in a new spot, and never get tired.

When our meetings were over we headed over to Hudson Yards for the most delicious dining experience I’ve had to date at TAK Room.

TAK Room – From my understanding it’s incredibly hard to get in, and after eating here I can see why. Where we were seated, we had a clear view of the new Hive building in NYC. Here I ate a course of beef tartare, Salmon and a lemon meringue in raspberry sauce. All paired with the perfect glass of rosé and then a french white.

I wish I could describe the experience, but honestly, it was just a journey and I encourage you to go through it yourself. I don’t have much to compare it to but it’s got me intrigued by fine dining. Who knows where I’ll go next?

I didn’t have much time for more after dinner and I was off to Tampa again the next day, but the trip was very inspirational for my career. I have many more things coming that I can’t wait to share with you, but for today, this is all I have for you. Use this as inspiration to take a step forward in your career!