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Hazelwood Food + Drink

First let me start by saying…I’M IN MINNESOTA! Why? Well, I’m currently jobless (there will be a future post on that) and traveled with my fiancé to his job’s HQ here in Minnesota. We arrived last night and met up with his boss and girlfriend to eat at Hazelwood Food + Drink.

They’re a modern twist on comfort food and it really was a good way to kick off this food tour I’m in – since everyone keeps raving how amazing the cuisine is here in MN. Now, before I jump into what I ate and how good it was, I want to let my friends and people who know me that I’m not moving to Minnesota. Please stop asking me! Winters here are too harsh to even consider.

Ok, so now that that’s out of the way let’s jump into dinner. I tried Mussels for the first time and they were delicious and covered in garlic which is perfect on my book. Just make sure you stay a good distance away from people while you talk to them. Worth it though! There’s not much I can say apart from it being delicious, since I have nothing to compare it to! However, if you try them then DIP THAT BREAD IN THE GARLIC SAUCE! No shame.

Next I ordered a really interesting (and overpriced!) bowl of tuna poke with quinoa. It came deconstructed and mixing it was pretty fun. It had ginger wasabi dressing, carrots, cucumber, won ton strips, radish, avocado and your choice of brown rice or quinoa. The whole mix made for a light and delicious poke bowl with that won ton crunch which was just fun! It was absolutely delicious and if you’re ok with the price then why not try it out?

Last, but not least, was the most delicious and amazing chocolate cake I’ve ever tasted in my life. They should write poems about it. Our waitress told us it was the recipe of someone’s grandma named Betty and really, how can it get any better than that?

The cake was the perfect balance between sweet and bitter – and believe it or not, you could taste how homemade it was! It came with some vanilla ice cream and chocolate sauce. Drip that sauce on everything, ok? That’s an order, and also you’re welcome.

Honestly, it was a lovely restaurant and good way to start the trip! The atmosphere was nice and cozy but still modern and cool. The service was good, out waitress was really sassy and fun, and the location is so close to the airport you can drop by when you land. Definitely recommend!

Can’t wait to keep exploring the Minnesota cuisine! Not moving, though.