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Coffee Shop Hunting in Japan: Vermillion

Oh, it’s time for round 2! This time we’re in Kyoto in the Fushimi Inari-Taisha, where we found our 2nd Japanese coffee shop that wasn’t necessarily a chain. Vermillion coffee is located on the back roads of the shrine – so it’s pretty hidden so here’s the address:

Vermillion, Japan, 〒612-0805 Kyoto, Fushimi Ward, Fukakusa Kaidoguchicho, 5−31 伏見

Vermillion is a cozy coffee shop that definitely has some western influence. You’ll notice it in the menu, decor and process. Their coffee was delicious and we actually ended up picking a 1lb bag to bring it back home with us. Their food was also delicious and really had the western influence (I know I already said that but had to reiterate) so that made me happy since all that hiking up the shrine left me hangry.

They have a deck that overlooks a lake that was beautiful – and the service was amazing. A couple of the staff speak english and we were able to engage in some cool coffee talks with the barista. Really, the overall vibe of this place was right up my alley and I definitely count it as a must stop if you’re into coffee.