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Degaje | Coffee Shop Hunting

Oh yes, you read right! I’m finally doing another post for the Coffee Shop Hunting series. Definitely need to keep these going but 2019 has been so busy. That ends today (…or for now) and this time I ventured over to Degaje in Wesley Chapel Grove.

First thing you have to understand about this place – because I didn’t at first – is that it’s a local market. Meaning, that apart from being a coffee shop they also house a bunch of local artist work. You can, arguably, buy anything in the place…including furniture (I think).

This place had been on my radar for a while, so I ventured there this weekend and I actually recommend it if you are close by. It’s located in front of a bunch of stores like: World Market, TJ Maxx, Ulta, Best Buy, etc. Which is convenient! This just means that, for me at least, it’s a spot I’d only go to if I’m already in the area.

The shop itself is super adorable, serene and quiet. It wasn’t full when we got there which was a breath of fresh air. We ordered some BLT paninis with tomato basil soup, and lattes. Here are my thoughts:

BTL Panini with soup – This combo was pretty good. The soup was nice and creamy. The basil was such a nice touch! The BLT was good but not out of this world. Didn’t seem home made, but good nonetheless .

Latte – It was delicious, smooth and gave me a hint of caramel.

Verdict: I recommend it if you’re in the area or live near by. It’s not a place I’d go out of my way to go to, but it would be a treat if I’m already in the area. It’s worth the look!