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February 2019

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Spend a Day in St.Pete

After a year of living in Tampa I’ve finally given St.Pete the opportunity to shine in my book. I’ve always been told that it’s such a creative place to be in, and after meeting Erika (she’s my unofficial St.Pete tour guide) I can definitely see why people love it there.

St.Pete is around 45min away from where I live so I always hesitated to go because I had to at least spend more than 4 hours there to justify the ride, and I just didn’t know enough about the area to create a full day list of activities. Erika helped with that–here’s an itinerary:

10:30am – Park at the Sundial parking lot. You’re welcome!

11am – Head over to brunch at Red Mesa Cantina! You can read more about it here.

12:30pm – Head over to Station House St. Pete for some coffee.

1pm – Stroll Vinoy park and even check out The Vinoy Hotel grounds. It’s gorgeous and what I feel Italy looks like.

2pm – Enjoy some delicious gelato from Paciugo Gelato & Caffè. Erika approved (and she’s from Italian decent)

3:30pm – Walk along the marina for some gorgeous scenery

4:30pm – End your day at the Locale Market for some really cool treats and food