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November 2018

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Let’s talk local businesses… I love them and the hunt of finding worth it businesses. Shoptoska is definitely one of those top 3 businesses that I absolutely fell in love with, and here’s why:

Amazing unique pieces – Every time I raid the clothing racks I always find multiple pieces I want to take home with me. I’m a picky person so this is a huge plus for me.

Fair prices – Whenever I touch the material and I go to look at the tag I always brace myself… If it feels like good fabric it must cost a lot, right? Not with Shoptoska! Prices are incredibly fair which is another huge plus for me. I’m all about style but not at the expense of going broke. It’s so nice to have the option to buy stylish clothing for fair prices.

Lovely presentation – Although they don’t have a physical store, they do pop-ups at some of the cutest places! I mean, how cute is their pop-up van? It was so cool going inside and finding more treasures!

Approachable owner – The owner is the nicest woman ever! She even remembered seeing me (and José) before and that’s a plus in my book. Creating a relationship with your buyers is important. That’s how you grow your brand, business and following. By doing small things like these she’s secured herself a loyal customer (me) and I’m definitely spreading the word.

Shoptoska is a pop up store so you can find them in many locations. You can find them at Suburbpop events, Royal Palm Market and you can even check their website to see what other events they’ll be at.

Do you prefer small businesses or fast fashion?