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Majesty of the Seas

After more than a year and half of no vacations we booked a 5 day cruise to Mexico with two stops: Costa Maya and Cozumel. After months of waiting for the day we finally went and now we’re back…and I have a bunch of opinions/thoughts that I want to share with you.

First of all, this was my first cruise ever! I genuinely didn’t know much except you apparently eat a lot and don’t do much. From my experience now, we ate the same as we usually do but we definitely did a whole lot of nothing on the days we were only at sea. It’s definitely a great way to disconnect from the digital world and just be in the now. For this post I want to break it down in terms of the experience in the cruise and then both stops/activities.

Cruise – Our cruise, Majesty of the Seas, was a fairly small one (as I was told) so you get to walk the whole cruise quickly. This doesn’t make it any less confusing in my opinion but getting lost is part of the fun.

In terms of decor it was definitely an older boat with 90’s aesthetics which was kind of like jumping inside of a time machine. We didn’t do much of the activities they provided (some you had to pay for and some were included) so we stuck to sun bathing, lunch, bars and dinner. This specific boat had a Johny Rocket’s restaurant which was awesome for us since the ones in Puerto Rico closed years ago. Yay, nostalgia!

PROS – You get to unwind and just relax. Your only worries are whether to nap, where to eat and what to do for the night. It’s so easy to just mentally shut down. I also had fun doing the rock climbing wall, it definitely brought back some childhood memories.

CON – It’s a lot of people in a small boat. Lots of lines, people cutting and you had to hunt down deck chairs if you wanted to lounge.

Costa Maya – This was out first stop and we chose to do a non-certified scuba trip. This is great if you’re curious about scuba diving and want to try it before committing to a certification. 

When we got off the boat it was straight forward. We checked in with out guide and then they took us on a 10min drive to the Dreamtime diving school where they prepped us on basic rules and with our gear. They first took us to shallow waters in order to make sure we were fit to dive and understood all the steps we needed to take in order to stay safe. We were then taken to a stop called The Aquarium for a 40ft dive where we were able to see a good amount of fish and underwater life. This whole trip took around 3 hours and after you’re done you’re so tired and happy you just eat and fall asleep. Definitely recommend this!

Cozumel – Our second stop and the best day of activities by far. We met with the Explora Caribe team after taking a 30 40 minute ferry from Cozumel to the mainland. From there they took us on a 20min drive through a town – which was a nice way to see normal civilians going about their day. We then arrived at some Playa del Carmen cenotes where the whole activities take place in.

The first cenote we hit was a small cave where we were able to snorkel in and see catfish and bats. For a second cenote they really go all out and take you deep into the caves where you have to swim, squeeze into enclosed spaces and even dark places. Scary but incredibly beautiful. Our guide was incredibly insightful and made the whole place feel extra magical. The whole experience was beautiful and one I will recommend to anyone who gives me a chance to gush about it.

After that we got the privilege to eat homemade Mexican food handmade by a lovely lady called Lili. The menu included chicken tamales and tacos with white rice, beans and hibiscus water (agua fresca–hibiscus, water and brown sugar). We also had an array of spicy sauces that paired beautifully with everything – as well as fruit with tajin seasoning. Delicious and I can’t ever eat fruit without it again!

After the lunch (yes there was more) we had a real tequila tasting where we got to really try tequila how it was meant to be tried. The guy who did the demonstration was so funny we left the place laughing by just the memory of his jokes. As a last stop we were able to explore Paseo del Carmen shopping center for some shopping and relaxation. It was a nice way to end the excursion seeing as we did so much!

Conclusion – The whole experience from the days at sea to the stops and excursions was an amazing way to get away and do just enough activities and just enough naps. I feel this was a great experience for a first time cruiser and it’s definitely peaked my interest into looking for other cruises.

Hope you enjoyed and if any of you have any cruises worth trying then send them my way!