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Spending Time Alone || A Guide

Growing up I spent a lot of time alone in my room and I thought I was one of those people who has no problems spending some time alone. Fast forward to moving in with my best friend and partner in 2016 and I realized I was horrible at it.

I got so used to spending my free time with someone, even if it was just laying around doing our own thing in the same space, that somewhere along the way I forgot how to be okay with spending time alone. For some reason this small thought really affected me and somehow made me feel like I was too dependent. In some way I guess I was – but like I do with everything, I made it my mission to get comfortable with my own solitude again.

Recharge – When you’re with someone constantly (not in a bad way) you’re taking into consideration what the other person wants to do as well as what you yourself wants to do. Take your alone time to recharge and reconnect with yourself. This can be done in simple steps, like finding a show to watch alone. We all have that one show that we postpone watching ’cause we know our partner isn’t interested. Alone time can be filled by binging on it! I devoured Sex and The City alone this way.

Outer care – My solitude time consists of nail care, hair care, skin care and bath time. In essence – I turn my bathroom into a spa and just relax there. I get comfortable with my thoughts and by the end of it it’s hard not to feel great about being able to indulge yourself in some TLC.

Find YOUR thing – By this I mean an activity that you recognize as being yours only. For me it’s cooking or reading. These are activities I enjoy doing alone and it’s a great way to spend some me-time.