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Skincare Routine

Ever since starting the blog I’ve wanted to talk about my skincare for a couple of reasons:

  1. I feel that I have a balanced routine.
  2. It’s an excuse to start a skincare conversations, which I love to do.

It took me a couple of months since my move to really nail down a routine that kept my skin happy. Tampa is a lot dryer that Puerto Rico so I had to readjust my routine in order to give my skin what it wanted. Where in the past I stayed away from adding too much moisture – now I look to add as much as possible. You know, going for that glazed donut look!

Although I admire how a lot of women have a cabinet filled with products, I find myself really trying to have a minimalistic routine and I don’t add into it until I use up products. Most of the products I have and use I’ve acquired by reading and looking for information and well as really paying attention to my skin, but a couple of weeks ago I was casually talking to a Pharmacists and fellow skincare lover and I mentioned all of my steps and products. I was delighted when she mentioned that my routine was perfect, well balanced and that she could tell from looking and my skin (which was bare!). So let’s dive in (FYI everything is in order of use!

Micellar Water

This is the product I really trust to dissolve my makeup without leaving my skin feeling stripped. Although right now I’m using Simple’s Micellar Water I initially started with the famous Bioderma Micellar Water which I adore but is $16 compared to the one I have now which is $6. Both work almost the same.

Chemical Exfoliator

I only use this every other day. I’m currently using Glossier’s and I’ve definitely seen how even and firm my skin looks from using this. No plans on trying another for now. Just be sure to use sunscreen with this! (Although you should always wear SPF.

Rose Water Toner

Although usually people apply this with cotton pads, I just put a bit on the palm of my hands and I press it on the skin and wait for it to dry down.

Night Serum

Just a drop on my hand and apply it evenly to my face. I like to massage it in.

Body Oil

I apply Bio-Oil to my neck and chest area. I like to keep that area moisturized and prevent stretch marks. I obviously already have some because, hello, boobs!

Eye Balm

Simply apply under the eye all the way to where crows feet tend to sprout and massage it in.


My favorite one is Embryolisse. It’s a nice cream that’s not too thick or thin and sits perfectly on my skin, locking everything up.

Jade Face Roller

My newest addition to the routine! Since I’m a teeth grinder at night I tend to have a pretty tight jaw, so I use this roller in order to help the muscles loosen up as well as promote blood flow around the face. Feels really nice!

Lip Balm

Last but not least I apply a generous amount of lip balm all around my lips and a bit outside of it. I alternate between Glossier Balm Dot Com and Nuxe’s Rieve Lip Balm.