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November 2017

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Felicitous on 51st

Felicitous is one of the first places we visited when we first moved here. They have two locations: 51st and 42nd. The one we visited is on 51st. We’ve been here a handful of times and going here is equal parts stressful and exciting. It’s incredibly close to USF which means students camp here all the time and for hours. Hence the stress. Depending on the hour means you may not find a table to sit down and enjoy everything, and even if you find a seat you feel rushed. However, the food and coffee are so good that it’s worth it. I find myself craving the Early Bird special every now and then so I drag José with me from time to time.

The coffee is good but nothing out of this world. It’s cute because they always give you different and random mugs which is nice and makes you smile. I pair coffee with the previously mentioned Early Bird Special which is a turkey sandwich with smoked gouda cheese and some jam! The jam is where they get me. It’s always a different jam (I’ve had chia/apple, basil/peach and others I can remember) which I thought wouldn’t go together but I’d yet to try one that doesn’t mix well. I always get it on the side just in case.

Apart from that we try to taste a different vegan donut each time we visit. This particular donut shown here is a chocolate/cinnamon combo which was delicious. These donuts are very dense since they’re not fried plus they’re vegan. They taste really good and they’re great to share.

Regardless of this place always being full don’t let that discourage you from visiting. The employees are super nice and eager to help. The house is incredibly charming, it’s like entering someone’s eclectic home and the food is great. You will find yourself craving it every now and then so it makes up for the stressful ambiance of the place being so full. I genuinely recommend it and it’s I place I will continue to visit.

NOTE: They added extra parking on the 51st location on the back so don’t be discouraged if the front seems full. Yey!