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October 2017

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The Hall on Franklin

Outfit: Top: Pants – Urban Outfitters | Purse – Zara

For my first Coffee Shop Hunting episode we explore The Hall on Franklin or more specifically Kofe, which is inside The Hall.

The whole concept of The Hall is pretty nice. In essence you go inside and chose between going to the bar for a ‘first come first serve’ experience or wait to be seated and get a server that will bring you a menu that shows you alternatives from all the shops.

For today let’s concentrate on Kofe, since this is Coffee Shop Hunting, but I will showcase everything we got…

We’re a very Coffee (snob) oriented family here. We have a Breville and we buy only what we consider the best. Plus, we’re not ashamed. We genuinely consider coffee hunting our hobby. We love tasting new coffee and finding new shops that cater to our tastes. Our friends love shaming us but we truly don’t care.

Anyway, Kofe’s coffee is a very smooth. We like using small amounts brown sugar to sweeten our brews but this one really doesn’t need it. The coffee here is very nutty which is lovely and we also got one with vanilla flavoring that the waitress told us was homemade and I could totally taste it. If you tend to add flavors, you can definitely taste the overly sweet and artificialness, but with the vanilla flavor at Kofe we really didn’t get that ‘fake’ taste. It just made the coffee a bit sweeter and it played off well with the nutty flavor.

Overall, we loved the coffee here and recommend it. If you don’t mind being in a location that tends to be full of people then you’ll definitely enjoy this place.