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We Bought a House

If you’ve been following me for a while, you know I haven’t been as active as I was on social media. By the title I think you can all guess why. We bought a house! My first one every – something I genuinely never thought I’d do.

For those who’ve bought property, you know how difficult and tedious the process is. Add to that the fact that I decided it was a good idea to do so when I was also starting a new job. But life happens and you adjust…and cry in a corner.

The reality is now, that’s it’s done. We closed. Now the real stuff happens. Making a house a home. This is a journey that of course I’d love to share, but in reality it’ll take some time before I can post regularly like nothing happened. I’m still adjusting in my new job and role, and we’re still moving in. It’s a bumpy ride but a fun one at the end…I hope!